VA Aid & Attendance Pension and Medicaid Planning

You have served our country with honor. Now you deserve the best legal help I can provide and I am here to ensure that happens.

As a Veterans Benefits attorney, my goal is to help you get additional income that may be available to you to pay for:

  • home health care
  • assisted living facilities
  • nursing home care

I offer a unique educational and counseling approach so you understand the planning necessary to qualify for the VA Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit, without making mistakes that could have a catastrophic effect on your ability to qualify for Medicaid in the future.

Veterans Aid and Attendance (A&A) Pension Program

We are here to help with your VA benefits claimsMost people think of Veterans Benefits (VA Benefits) as being only for servicemen and women who were injured or disabled while serving our county. However, there are substantial benefits that may be available to wartime veterans who are now senior citizens and are facing the burden of long term care.

As a Veteran, if you are eligible for basic Veterans Pension Benefits, you or your surviving spouse may also be eligible for the increased monthly pension amount under the VA Aid and Attendance or Housebound pensions.

The Aid and Attendance Pension amount is paid in conjunction with the basic Veterans pension plan. Aid and Attendance is based on financial need for assistance, so there are income and asset limitations. As a Florida Veterans Attorney, I am committed to helping Veterans get all the benefits they are entitled to and making the qualification process as stress-free as possible.

However, it is critical to take the right steps to help ensure that you can qualify for both Aid & Attendance and Medicaid benefits if necessary.

A Medicaid Trap

If you are a Veteran and plan to access VA Benefits, be aware of the “Medicaid time bomb.” Many planning techniques that can qualify you for VA Aid and Attendance can thereafter disqualify you from getting Medicaid to help pay for a nursing home.

This is so important for the Veteran who may currently be housebound or in assisted living now, yet has not considered his or her future need to enter a nursing home for the long term.

It is critical to seek counsel from a Veterans attorney who is also well-versed in Medicaid planning. Your attorney should be accredited by the VA in order to assist you in the preparation, presentation and prosecution of a claim for VA benefits. The importance of avoiding the unintended consequence of successfully getting one benefit but later disqualifying yourself from another is paramount.

I am proud to represent Veterans from all branches of the military. Your situation deserves attention, commitment and expertise throughout every step of the legal process. Call Veterans Attorney Kathleen Flammia at 407-478-8700 to see how I can help.

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Kathleen Flammia is a Florida Bar Board Certified Elder Law Attorney who is also accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs to practice law before the VA.