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The Flammia Elder Law Firm’s expertise may be ideal for your situation if you hope to accomplish any of the following outcomes:

There’s no escaping the fact that aging and the long-term care journey are often filled with unknowns. There are so many twists and turns. It’s normal to feel powerless because no one can predict how a loved one’s condition will progress. If your goal is to have more control during the journey and to be able to respond with confidence no matter how your loved one’s condition changes, the Flammia Elder Law Firm can help.

Finding, coordinating, and monitoring the services required to meet a loved one’s basic needs can be a full-time job, leaving little or no time to attend to details that can enhance quality of life. When you work with the Flammia Elder Law Firm, you are the decision-maker while your care coordinator serves as the general manager of the team of providers dedicated to making your loved one’s life safe and his or her surroundings comfortable and familiar. You stay intimately involved in every decision, yet you’re free from the day-to-day burden of researching care and service options. This gives you more quality time with your loved one, plus more time to spend in your roles as parent, grandparent, child, friend, employee, and spouse.

Calling the Flammia Elder Law Firm before or shortly after a trigger event or diagnosis increases the odds that your loved one will be able to live at home longer. When care and services are in place early, the need for long-term care outside the home can often be avoided. If the time comes when living at home is no longer an option, your elder care coordinator and our legal team work together to identify long-term care options and evaluate the financial implications of each option to help you avoid costly mistakes. Your care coordinator assists you with every aspect of the transition into the long-term care facility.

Working with the Flammia Elder Law Firm enhances open communication, which is especially important when family members live far away. Your elder care coordinator serves as a liaison for family decision-making, obtaining accurate and detailed information from health care providers and communicating it to the entire family. This reduces misunderstandings and the resulting collateral damage to relationships. We can facilitate those difficult conversations, helping you reach consensus when families are fractured over caring for a parent.

A reactive approach to care can be extremely costly. Families navigating the long-term care journey on their own often find themselves scrambling from one crisis to the next—paying a premium for services arranged at the last minute. When you work with the Flammia Elder Law Firm, you have more options, a better understanding of the implications of those options, and the opportunity to preserve more of the loved one’s estate.

With long-term care costs ranging from $40,000-$80,000 per year for assisted living facilities, to $150,000 per year for 24-hour in-home care—and up to $90,000 per year for nursing facilities, it has never been more important for families to plan carefully for the funding of a loved one’s care. Since no one can predict how many years long-term care will be needed, working with the Flammia Elder Law Firm may be the single most important step you can take to avoid the multiplier effect of costly bad decisions. With so much at stake, even the most financially-secure families find that the relatively small investment in a Life Care Plan pays for itself many times over in cost savings (and peace of mind) during a loved one’s long-term care journey.

Take control of the long-term care journey. The Flammia Elder Law Firm can show you how.

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