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Like traditional elder law firms, the Flammia Elder Law Firm creates estate plans, drafts wills and trusts, develops advance directives and Powers of Attorney, and helps clients qualify for public benefits like Medicaid and VA. But we don’t stop there. Kathleen Flammia, our Florida Bar Board Certified Elder Law Attorney, works in concert with a team of attorneys and elder care professionals to help you meet the legal, financial, and personal needs of loved ones while protecting family assets and making provisions for the smooth transition of family wealth.

Founder Kathleen Flammia is a specialist in Elder Law, focusing on:

Florida Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney Kathleen Flammia

By providing expert counsel and deploying common-sense planning strategies, she helps clients achieve their financial and personal goals.

A revolutionary approach to an age-old problem

Though the Flammia Elder Law Firm is known as Central Florida’s elder law expert, we offer much more. We connect families with all the services needed to prepare for and navigate the uncharted waters of a loved one’s long-term care journey.

Client Review

When we sat down with Kathleen Flammia literally things got straight to business.  But it was her compassion and comfort that delivered the message we were in the right place and everything is going to be alright.  Kathleen and her entire staff were professional and thoughtful with their guidance and expertise.  The insight and thoroughness on every detail explaining our options.  Kathleen listened patiently about our concerns and completely explained each detail.   Her expertise and legal knowledge is at the highest level.   We will forever be grateful for her guidance and always refer clients.   Thank you.

5 Star Google Review – C.G.

When it comes to planning for long-term care, there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution. Thanks to the many powerful planning tools and strategies at our disposal, the Flammia Elder Law Firm can develop a customized plan to meet your loved one’s needs while limiting burdens on family members. This personalized approach puts you in the driver’s seat. You’ll avoid costly bad decisions and end up with more money to use to enhance your loved one’s well-being or to leave for the next generation.

After developing your customized plan of action, at every decision point during the long-term care journey (and there are usually many), we present your options and help you evaluate those alternatives based upon your values and goals. Working with the Flammia Elder Law Firm gives you a team of skilled and compassionate advisors by your side who will help you evaluate the financial implications of each care option. That means you can relax and enjoy peace of mind today, knowing that you’re ready for whatever the future might bring.

Rather than looking at your situation as a series of impersonal legal or financial transactions, we take the time to get to know your family, your needs, and your goals. Our flat fee billing approach for Life Care Planning is a natural reflection of this approach. Think of us as lifelong advisors who help you navigate challenging life transitions with dignity and grace.

Our clients tell us that the experience of working with us is different from that of other law firms, even those that specialize in elder law. For us, compassion and law aren’t mutually exclusive. Everyone on our team takes time to listen. We have experience working with families when they’re at their most vulnerable. This welcoming, intimidation-free environment makes it easier to open up about the realities of the long-term care journey.

The Flammia Elder Law Firm enjoys relationships with providers in the financial, real estate, home health, insurance, and long-term care community, which makes it easier to respond to the wide range of issues that might crop up along the way. You’ll spend less time researching options because we’ll show you what’s available and where to go. We will also show you how all the services fit together to meet your loved one’s needs.

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Estate Planning is a Process, Not an Event

When it comes to estate planning, changing life circumstances can render your existing plan obsolete. Many people who take the time to complete an estate plan never bother to update it as their life changes.

For the ultimate peace of mind, consider enrolling in the Family United Plan, a comprehensive estate planning program that provides ongoing access to legal advice, regular education opportunities, continuous asset alignment, document updates, and family meetings. It’s the ideal way to make sure that your estate plan evolves as your circumstances change.

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Put the flammia elder law firm to work for you.

experience your future, your way.

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What Our Clients Say

Three gold stars for all of you. You worked hard for us. We really appreciate all you have done for us. We had a lot going on and with your help we finally got it together. You all know what you are doing. Our thanks to all of you.

Past Client

Comprehensive and flexible approach to estate planning. Easy to work with.


Kathleen and her team made the process of setting up our wills very easy! Thanks for giving us great peace of mind!

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