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Advanced Directives – What are they?

September 15, 2020

Advanced directives are legal documents that allow you to proactively make certain choices about your medical decision making and end-of-life care prior to a crisis. Advanced directives allow you to tell your loved ones and health care professional in writing…


What Do You Have, and Where Do You Have It?

July 10, 2020

 Hi, my name is Stacy Schwartz and I’m an attorney with the Flammia Elder Law Firm, and today we’re going to talk about what do you have and where do you have it. But before we go into that,…


Should I Use a Florida Pay-On-Death Account?

May 12, 2020

Solid estate plans make efficiency a chief objective.  Cost-efficient planning maximizes the assets available for beneficiaries by reducing administrative and filing fees that might otherwise decrease the value of an estate.  Additionally, well-planned transfers allow for a family and loved…


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Three gold stars for all of you. You worked hard for us. We really appreciate all you have done for us. We had a lot going on and with your help we finally got it together. You all know what you are doing. Our thanks to all of you.

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Comprehensive and flexible approach to estate planning. Easy to work with.


Kathleen and her team made the process of setting up our wills very easy! Thanks for giving us great peace of mind!

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